Constructions below made by our company:

Year 2016


  • Building the ventilated facade and BSO for "Garnizon" residential made by HOSSA S.A. company.

  • Building the Section 110 on our own ground for the Marine Projects LTD. company.

  • Building the Section 140 on our own ground for the Marine Projects LTD. company.

  • Building the superstructure U19-U22 on our own ground for the Marine Projects LTD company.

  • Welding of steel viaduct structure WS-6 in Ostroda for the
    Jart Company.

  • Welding bridge for the Jart Company.

Year 2015


  • Welding of steel viaduct structure WS-6 in Ostroda for the
    Jart Company.


Year 2014


  • Execution of welding works and assembling the construction of bridges and flyovers in Warsaw, Bialystok for Jart Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

  • Cooperation with Kanat Sp. z oo in the field of welding, assembling works and grinding on ships.

  • Execution of welding works with two tanks on investment Sugar molasses in Nakło n/ Notecją.

  • Welding works on investments: bridge Brdowskiego in Szczecin, bridge by Nowolazurowa street in Warsaw; reconstruction of the bridge in the village Sufczyn within the district road No. 1777R Pruchnik-Nienadowa-Bircza at km 30 + 640 for Skanska SA Department in Kielce Exbud Skanska Steel Construction Plant.

  • Making the ventilated facade in the system of BSO for the Piotr Klawikowski Company.

  • Making a building facade Rockpanel type in Nowy Staw for Leon Kiliński Company.

  • Making ventilated elevation on the construction of the commercial gallery and office space in Rumia, Dębogórska Street for Mirbud S. A. Company.
  • drugi

    Making the ventilated facade on the construction Garnizon in Gdansk and comprehensive performance fiber with a cement slab occupancy Equitone external canopies and wall supporting substructure peak with the construction of the Center of Trade and Conference of Warmia and Mazury - Arena Ostróda for Elewacje S.A. Company.


Year 2013

  • Making the welding and assembling works for Instal Bialystok SA Company and Monrem Sp. z o. o. Sp. k Company. Expansion and reconstruction of the building MARS chocolate factory in Sochaczew.

  • drugi

    Making the welding works of steel tank size of 40,000 m3 for Butzkies Steel Construction Sp. z oo Company in the area of sugar factory in Strzelino and welding works in Sugar Werbkowice for objects: Reactor and Hydrolyzer.

Year 2012

  • drugi

    Making elevation with soffit of the building with a surface of 650 m2 by the Gudierskiego Street in Gdansk for Wern Sp. z o. o. Company
  • Making comprehensive tiling and waterproofing works on residential investment Alfa Park by Myśliwska Street in Gdansk and the estate "Wolne Miasto" located by the Cedar Street in Gdansk for ERBUD S. A. Company.
  • drugi

    Making the facade on the estate Alfa Park Street by Myśliwska Street in Gdansk, performance insulation in the garage ceiling of "Galeria Mazurska" Mall located by Jan Paweł II Street in Ostróda city. Making the facade on investment Garnizon in Gdansk and on "Patio Róży" estate located by Zaruskiego Street in Gdynia, performing light-wet technology elevation wet on the estate "Wiczlino Ogród" in Gdynia located by Ilipkowskiego Street for Complex Construction Mirosław Mielewski Company.

  • Year 2011

    • Making repair works for AS PPU Adam Sulewski that took place in Gdansk Shipyard

    • Making complex welding and assembling works for Marine Projekts Ltd. Sp. z o.o. in Gdansk.
    • Making welding, assembling and grinding works for PHU Stazen Sp. z o.o. in Tricity.